Braces aren’t just for kids. The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy bite—straight teeth that meet properly against the opposite jaw. If your teeth are crowded, spaced too far apart, meet in an abnormal way, or do not meet at all—correction through orthodontic treatment may be recommended by your doctor.


Here at Joseph P. Nore DDS, we are proud to offer orthodontic treatment in house with our orthodontic specialists for both children and adults. No matter your age, whether you opt for Invisalign or traditional braces, our orthodontists can give you the confident, healthy smile you’ve always wanted. Once your teeth are aligned in a correct position, your teeth will be less susceptible to wear and a variety of oral health issues that could lead to gum disease and pain.

Using 3-D Imaging to measure your skull and jaw, our orthodontists use the latest technological advancements to personally create a treatment plan with you and for you. Don’t put this off any longer, we’d love to discuss your options further, make an appointment today!