If your dentist determines you need a dental filling, he or she will educate you about your unique situation and the best restorative material options available. Whether composite (tooth colored) or amalgam (silver), a well-placed filling provides good durability and resistance to fracture. Your doctor will help you choose the best material for your particular case based on several factors such as the location and extent of tooth decay and the chewing load the tooth will need to bear.

Ultimately, the best dental filling is no dental filling. Prevention is the best medicine! Regardless of what plan you and your doctor decide is right for you, you’ll walk out of Joseph Nore DDS Inc. with a durable restoration and a bright smile.


1.) What causes cavities? 

When food particles and plaque are allowed to remain on your teeth for extended periods of time due to improper brushing or sticky food, bacteria begin to accumulate. These bacteria release acid which breakdown the strong enamel of your teeth. If not cleaned away, the acid breakdown will eventually chip away your enamel and form a "cavity" or a hole in your enamel. When a dentist sees your cavity on an X-ray we are seeing the after-effects of the acid on your teeth. 

2.) Can I eat after my filling is placed? 

When a composite (white filling) is placed on a tooth, you should be able to eat immediately after. It is advisable to wait 1-2 hours after the filling to eat hard foods until numbness resides. 

3.) What should i expect after a filling? 

After a filling is placed you may experience mild to moderate sensitivity on the filled tooth. This should subside within 48 hours after the treatment is completed. 

4.) How long do my fillings last? 

Contrary to popular belief, fillings and dentistry in general does not last forever. A composite (white filling) may last anywhere from 3-7 years on average but needs to be examined regularly by a dentist to make sure it is in adequate, healthy condition. A healthy filling requires a healthy mouth--your oral hygiene practices, eating habits, and check-up frequencies have an impact on the durability of your filling restorations. We are to help take care of you. 

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