Ustava (Tini) Patel RDM, CDA

Ustava (Tini) Patel RDM, CDA

School:  Mount Ida College, Newton MA

Date Of Graduation:  2009

Specialty:  Dental Hygienist

Years of Experience:  5 years in dental hygiene, 12 years in certified dental assistant

Brief History of Dental Experience:  I'm a dental hygienist here at Dr. Joseph Nore dental office , and hold an Associate of Arts Degree in Dental hygiene from Mount Ida College prior to becoming a dental hygienist I worked as a certified dental assistant for 12 years and as a orthodontic, pediatric and oral surgical assistant. Being a dental assistant for a long time I have enjoyed working with children and adults. I pursued higher education and became a dental hygienist.

Mission Statement:  I love what I teeth is not just a job for me but its passion...and I can’t get it enough.